Regardless of whether you’re heading across the state or around the world, managing risk is one of the most important parts of ensuring an enjoyable travel experience. If you’re in recovery, the process of effectively managing your travel-related risks has at least one extra step: Making sure that you’ve got the necessary support to maintain your sobriety throughout your journeys.

To accomplish this goal, many within the recovery community have turned to sober travel groups. The topic of a March 15 post on CNN’s On the Go blog, sober travel groups can provide travel guidance, the camaraderie of fellow travelers, and a supportive environment that reinforces the value and practice of sobriety:

“Sober travelers need other people on the journey, to share the joy of traveling sober,” said Snow P., whose Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Sober Celebrations company’s 2012 schedule includes a May European cruise, an Alaskan glaciers cruise in August and an Eastern Caribbean cruise for her annual Halloween trip. She books a portion of a cruise ship’s rooms, reserves an alcohol-free section of the dining room and organizes meetings and fun events for her group.

Activities that aren’t soaked in alcohol and drugs wouldn’t seem to be evident in a hard-partying town like Key West, Florida, but longtime radio personality and travel agent Loretta Modern (not her given name) has introduced the nondrinking side of Key West to a growing sober clientele. Modern started Clean Getaway Travel three years ago for a different purpose: to organize sober trips to Italy.

“I couldn’t find any trips that didn’t drive you directly from the airport to a vineyard,” she said.

Being in a social situation where drugs are readily available, feeling socially isolated, and experiencing stress — which are all far-from-uncommon experiences when traveling — are three common triggers that can lead to relapse. Avoiding these experiences both at home and on the road can drastically improve your chances of maintaining your sobriety (and having a good time in the process).