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Controversial OMG diet headed for U.S.

I’ll be honest. When I read that a new diet book targeting teenage girls is all the rage in the U.K. and it’s called “Six

July 02, 2012 Eating Disorders
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When you hear the phrase “plus size”, you think of a certain image and size. It used to be that the cut-off was size 12/14.

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Recovery in a Bottle

One of the most common things that a person with an eating disorder experiences as they contemplate recovery is the disbelief that the thoughts will

June 27, 2012 Eating Disorders
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3 Big Lies the Media Tells That Increase Bad Body Image

This is a guest blog by Laura Connell. There are 3 big lies the media tells that increase bad body image. 1. Fashion models are

June 25, 2012 Eating Disorders

Baby Boomers and Eating Disorders: Study Shows Women In Their 50’s and Older Suffer, Too

Eating disorders are commonly thought of as something that only happens to younger women and teenage girls. The reality is that they can happen to

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Summer at SUWS: Therapeutic Wilderness Program Offers 28-Day Option for Adolescents, Teens

As a parent, do you breathe a sigh of relief every night your teen makes it safely home? When the phone rings, do you worry

June 22, 2012 Parenting

Coroner Blames Fashion Industry For Girl’s Suicide

Fiona Geraghty, a 14-year old English girl, hanged herself in her bedroom last July. Michael Rose, a West Somerset coroner, blames the fashion industry for

June 20, 2012 Eating Disorders
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Judge Orders Anorexic Woman To Be Force Fed

A British woman who has not had solid food in over a year is fighting for her right to die from anorexia. The 32-year old

June 19, 2012 Eating Disorders